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A breath of fresh air indoors

Good indoor ventilation and fresh air circulation has now become as important as washing your hands.

The NI Executive has indicated in the past “…that support will be provided for mitigations to reduce risk within the hospitality sector, including improved ventilation…”.  So, how can businesses improve indoor air quality in their premises?  Simply opening windows and doors to allow fresh air into buildings is a good start. However, with cooler outdoor temperatures this obvious solution is far from both practical and sustainable.  Mechanical ventilation systems are an ideal solution to improving indoor air quality – all year round. In simple terms, mechanical ventilation heat recovery can effectively and efficiently supply filtered fresh air and extract stale air throughout a building.

Martin Mullan, Managing Director for air cool engineering (NI) Ltd said: “The safest indoor space is one that has lots of fresh filtered air replacing the stale air inside. Given the risk of virus transmission, our advice is to maximise the fresh air supply to a building through mechanical ventilation heat recovery technology. By focusing attention to fresh air supply, its circulation and filtration, businesses can add another powerful tool to their anti-coronavirus toolkit.”

air cool engineering NI Ltd encourage businesses from of all sectors, to consider the benefits of installing a mechanical ventilation system in their premises. As an established and reputable contractor, we have not only access to leading global brands but ‘in house’ we have the specialist skills to design and install a system to meet the exacting needs of a business.

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