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In this digital world, data storage has become the lifeline of many businesses today. As phone and networking systems are often integral to your data and processing facility, if access to your business’ data & processing functions is disrupted (even for a short time), any form of downtime can be expensive.

In an age of modern technology, many businesses now face challenges associated with managing the temperatures of servers, server racks, server room and company computers. Inadequate environmental control within your server room increases the risk of failure. 

Servers can fail and have a shortened life if exposed to abnormal temperature & humidity fluctuations, high operating temperatures and dust. Failing to keep computer hardware cool can lead to major damage or even system failure. Depending on your system, system failure could directly affect your ability to login to your computer, send and receive email and prevent visitors from viewing your website. For most companies, it can mean bringing your business to a grinding halt.

Why You Need an Efficient Cooling System Solution:

  • Flexible temperature control and monitoring, independent of other work areas
  • Effective cooling will result in efficiency of your data centre
  • Efficiency leads to system operating cost savings
  • Environmentally friendly solutions
  • Less power on cooling providing additional power for I.T.
  • Call out and pro-active maintenance programmes
  • Up to 7 years warranty on new cooling system installs

Data Centre cooling is complex subject that requires professional advice – ideally at the design stage. Depending on the type and number of systems in the Data Centre, different cooling strategies will be needed. With air cool engineering (NI) Ltd’s experience and expertise, we can select the right cooling solution to maintain optimum environmental conditions and improve the energy efficiency of the facility.

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