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In fact, we’ve been passionate about heat pump technologies for the last 23 years. Like the internet, there’s some kind of wizardry going on that makes heat pump technology quite magical. Not really, of course. While the technology that drives heat pumps is a mystery to many of us, we thought that on a bitterly cold February day we’d attempt to demystify heat pump technology, and hopefully explain why heat pumps are fast becoming a credible low carbon heating solution.

Today, we’ll take a quick look at Air to Air Heat Pumps. These systems produce a flow of warm air that can be used to heat rooms and is circulated by fans. To clarify, Air to Air Heat Pumps do not produce hot water or heat radiators. Check in again to find out about the Air to Water Heat Pumps which deliver both space heating AND hot water.

HEAT PUMPS are not new technology, they’ve been around for decades! We’re all familiar with refrigerators and air conditioners, these are both common examples of heat pump technology – albeit operating in the cooling mode. However the heat pump cycle is fully reversible and as such, can provide year-round indoor temperature control ie heating in winter and cooling in summer.

air cool engineering NI air to air heat pumps for space heating and cooling

Today’s modern ‘air conditioning’ systems are based on heat pump technology. They not only cool, but provide high efficiency heating for businesses and homes.

An Air to Air Heat Pump has two components – a condenser unit that sits outside the property and a thermostatically controlled wall or floor mounted indoor unit. Simply, when there is a call for heat, the heat pump will turn on the fan in the outdoor ‘condensing’ unit to begin the process of extracting renewable thermal energy from the air outside. This heat is amplified using a compressor and then released directly into a room via the indoor wall or floor unit.  In cooling mode, the process is reversed, transferring heat out of your property and returning cool air to the inside.

Where hot water is not required, an Air to Air Heat Pump is a versatile, effective and energy efficient heating solution for small to medium sized spaces in businesses. In recent years, more and more homeowners are embracing the heating and cooling capabilities that heat pumps deliver. Air to Air Heat Pumps can effortlessly provide year round comfort in conservatories, extensions, loft conversions and even garden offices.

Air to Air Heat Pumps work extremely efficiently because they simply transfer heat, rather than ‘burn’ fuel to create it. Although they use electricity, they cost less to run than conventional boiler based systems and with A++ to A+++ErP Energy Ratings across the range, heat pumps are an ideal, clean and green intelligent space heating solution for both homes and businesses.

Why we LOVE Heat Pumps

  • Highly effective and exceptionally energy efficient
  • Heats and cools for year round indoor comfort
  • Perfect for small to medium sized spaces
  • Heat Pumps can be ‘sized’ for single or multiple rooms
  • Floor or wall mounted indoor units in stylish designs
  • Controllers for scheduled and remote WiFi operation
  • Uses a single phase electricity supply
  • Low noise levels
  • Quick and easy installation with minimal disruption
  • A++ to A+++ ErP Energy Ratings
  • Up to 10 years warranty

To find out if an Air to Air HEAT PUMP is the right heating solution for your premises, contact our cool Project Managers via the button below.