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Case Study

Air Source Heat Pump

Air Source Heat Pump

Ecodan takes the hot seat!

Air cool engineering (NI) Ltd has put Mitsubishi Electric’s award winning air source heat pump’s capabilities to the test, with an innovative and challenging installation at a fitness and well-being complex in England.

The Challenge:

To find an effective and cost efficient heating system which would deliver consistent temperatures (35°C – 40°C) on all contact surfaces (floor, seating and walls) – during the complex’s operating hours 6am – 10pm, 360 days/year.

The Solution:

Mitsubishi  Electric’s ECODAN Air Source Heat Pump was the ideal choice for the Spa Rooms.  It produces energy by converting outside latent heat into usable internal space heat.  Unlike oil and gas fired boilers, the ECODAN economically delivers heat at a lower AND constant temperature.  Currently the heat pump system can supply as much as 3kW of heat output, for just 1kW of energy input – making it 3 times as efficient as conventional boilers.

The Install:

The two Aromatherapy Rooms were fitted with ‘underfloor’ heating pipework on all contact surfaces.  As the ‘gender specific’ rooms were at either end of the complex’s main fitness suite, each room was serviced with its own Mitsubishi  Electric’s ECODAN 5kW system.  To simplify user operation of the systems, both ECODAN’s can be controlled centrally, with separate temperature set points for floors, walls and seating.

Air cool engineering (NI) Ltd is an established and reputable contractor serving the UK and Ireland.  As an approved installer, the business specialises in offering clients a complete design, install, commissioning and maintenance service.