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Case Study

HEYN Handling Solutions


Port Business Reuses, Recycles and Saves on Retrofit

Mitsubishi Electric R2 Systems have been available in the UK since the early nineties.  With thousands of theses installed, many are now reaching the end of their operating life.  The introduction of the new R2 series Replace Multi heat Recovery Outdoor Unit, heralds another forward step by Mitsubishi Electric, enabling the reuse of existing R22/R407c pipework, whilst also allowing the upgrade of the most efficient systems available in the market.

Replace Multi will clean existing pipework during commissioning, remove any deposits and R22 mineral oil, that would have originally meant that new pipework would have been called for.  The implications of this are significant on cost and time, whilst also minimising any potential disruption.

With all these factors in mind, Northern Ireland based contractor air cool engineering (NI) Ltd, recently carried out the successful replacement of an R2 system which dated back to 1992.  HEYN Handling, based in the Belfast’s city docks, were faced with the prospect of major upheaval to their busy offices, as their existing Mitsubishi Electric ‘R22’ based system was nearing the end of its operating life.

With over 20 years of industry expertise air cool engineering (NI) Ltd, identified a number saving opportunities to help make Heyn Handling’s replacement and upgrade realistic.  As existing R22 pipework, control wiring, drains and electrics were already in place, air cool engineering (NI) Ltd had to simply replace all indoor units, the branch controller and condensing unit with Mitsubishi Electric’s NEW R2 Series.  While upgrading, Heyn Handling also took the opportunity to provide air conditioning services in office areas that previously had none.

Martin Mullan for air cool engineering (NI) Ltd said:  ‘Heyn Handling was very happy with the performance of its existing Mitsubishi Electric R22 system which was installed in 1992, but realised that it was nearing the end of its operating life and needed replacing. We advised our client that an upgraded model was now available – providing high-performance, energy-saving and cost-effective cooling and heating in their offices.  As the new R2 Series could utilize and ‘recycle’ the existing R22 pipework, electrics, drains and control wiring, significant savings were made on the install costs and timeframe required to complete the project.  With minimal disruption to the operation of a busy office, we were delighted to complete the replacement install over a two week period.”